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I'm Paying
2.6 %
$ 1,000,000
30 yrs
Lowest Rate
1.45 %
Best rates now
Completed Property
Fixed1.7x%Year 1-2
Floating (Deposit rate)1.6x%Throughout
Floating (SIBOR)1.4x%Year 1-3
Floating (Bank rate)1.6x%Throughout
Property Under Construction
Floating (Deposit rate)1.6x%Throughout
Floating (SIBOR)1.4x%Year 1-3
Floating (Bank rate)1.6x%Throughout
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What we do
New Loan / Refinancing
How we can help

We have access to bank's deviated rates due to our volume of referral. These rates are lower than published rates.

Leave the trouble of checking with every bank to us. Simply use our loan comparison tool to compare & save.

Our service is free. We are paid referral fee by the banks.

Property Valuation
How we can help

Buying or selling your property? Check what the property is worth with our panel of bank partners.

Want a regular valuation update? Submit an enquiry and let us know, we will update you regularly.

Financial Planning
How we can help

If you are working out your budget for your next property purchase, now is the best time to speak to us.

We will work out your maximum loan amount & how you can structure your purchase to leverage on property loans & to avoid additional cost such as ABSD.

Who are we?

We are a mortgage broker. We have access to all property loans across all banks. We help property buyers & owners get the best property loans for their new purchases or to refinance their existing properties.

What's the difference if I just call up banks directly?

You can but why go through the trouble? We work with 14 banks & have compiled all the available property loans for you to compare. Apart from the interest rates, depending on your future plans, there are loan features that may be beneficial to you. For example, Free Conversion, Waiver of Penalty Due to Sale, Waiver of Penalty for Partial Payment etc.

We also have access to deviated rates. These are property loans offered through us by our partner banks because of our volume of referral. Think of it like a bulk purchase discount (in terms of lower interest rates) that is only availble through our platform.

Do we charge any professional fees?

No we don't. However, we do get a referral fee from the bank. All banks give the same referral fee so we are not incentivised by any particular bank. We will always recommend you the best property loans depending on your loan amount & required loan features.

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